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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the ShotKam price include import taxes?

Yes, we have an established business number (EORI) and GST number in Australia. All import duties and taxes are already included in the price, so there will be no additional charges. Our USA website does not include import tax and is in US Dollars, but this AU website does include all import tax charges and is in Australian Dollars.


How does the ShotKam help me to improve?

The biggest culprit for unchanging scores is a false perception of why you missed. ShotKam captures the reality of the shot to give the objective feedback you need in order to make an adjustment. 

ShotKam records video at a fixed 18 degree Field of View (FOV) and automatically slows each video down to ⅓ speed. This is in order to replicate how your eye perceives a moving target. (A standard 35mm lens is about 37 degrees and the GoPro Hero 5’s most narrow FOV is about 64 degrees). Watch our YouTube video comparing the ShotKam with the GoPro Hero 5.  

We encourage our users to study the 10 - 15 pictures (frames) right before the shot was taken. The ShotKam takes 100 frames per second (fps), and studying the 15 frames before the shot is where you will be able to see why you missed (or broke) it. Look for things like a collapsing lead, which indicates that your eyes "measured" the lead and slowed down your swing. Learning to trust your innate ability to judge lead is the most difficult yet essential skill in shotgunning. Did the crosshair rise above the target-line? This would indicate that you lifted your head off the gun and shot over the bird. Studying your hold-point, whether you matched the speed of the bird, and studying the swing and break-point are where the ShotKam can help.

With the ShotKam’s reticle aligned to your Point-of-Aim (the bead of your gun), you can train your “subconscious” brain on what the correct sight-picture should be. The more you watch each ShotKam video, the more you imprint the correct sight-picture into your brain, then the faster your brain will recognize it and pull the trigger.

ShotKam also provides great resources on shooting tips and techniques. Watch our YouTube page for these videos. 


Will it fit onto my shotgun?

The ShotKam automatically comes with a 12 gauge (bore) mount which mounts to any single or over-and-under barrel. We offer additional bracket size on our website for $60 AUD each: 12 gauge side-by-side, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, .410 and a Bow Mount.

The bow mount is an aluminum rod that screws into where a stabilizer normally goes. Our bow mount is the same width as a 12-gauge bracket, so the ShotKam will the attach directly to this new stabilizer mount.


Can the ShotKam be mounted to a rifle?

Yes, below are the suggested brackets for each rifle size (gauge = bore):

- 12 Gauge bracket (included with purchase) is used on large caliber African guns (416, 458, etc).
- 20 Gauge bracket is used for 30 caliber rifles (270, 30-06, 7mm, etc).
- 28 Gauge bracket is for 243 sized rifles

- .410 bracket is for 223 sized rifles


Will the brackets damage my shotgun barrel?

No, there are soft rubber pads which prevent any metal-to-metal contact. After exposure to rain, the lens should be cleaned with a soft cloth and the ShotKam removed from your gun's barrel to be cleaned and completely dried.


How do I mount my ShotKam?

Mount the ShotKam 3 to 10 inches from the muzzle end of the barrel (NOT on barrel porting holes, but behind them). Do not mount too close to the end of the muzzle or debris will land on the lens. Please watch our video tutorial here.


Is it weatherproof?

Yes, it is 100% weatherproof when the rear cap is on to cover the USB port. It is not, however, submersible for extended periods of time.


Does the 5 1/2 ounce weight include the ShotKam and attachment brackets?



Is this an action camera?

No, it is an accelerometer-controlled aiming system (ACAS) video camera. It was developed by an engineer with expertise in military laser-targeting systems and is designed for high shock and vibration environments. The ShotKam has a patented recoil absorption system which is combined with an accelerometer. This allows the ShotKam to buffer and only record-to-memory the few seconds before, during, and after the discharge of bows or firearms. It records video in Full HD (1080p) at 100 frames per second.


Does the ShotKam require additional batteries?

No, the camera has an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery lasts 2 - 4 years and is fully covered for 1-year and then can be replaced for $60 AUD. A replacement must be done from our servicing center in Florida, USA, and includes a full Shock and Vibration test after replacement.


Will editing be required?

No, the patent-pending memory buffer system, combined with the accelerometer, allows the shooter to set the recording time. Only the few seconds before, during, and after the discharge are recorded.


How do I tell shots apart if I have multiple people shooting with my ShotKam?

This mostly occurs with coaches and their students, wanting to know how to tell sets of shots apart. With the time and date stamp on each video, we typically recommend noting the time each student starts. Then, when the videos are being reviewed, you will know what sets of shots belongs to what student.


Are the videos time and date stamped?

Yes, ShotKam has a Real Time Clock which will sync with the time/date of your mobile device through Wi-Fi. Once synced, the ShotKam will keep track of the time and date.


Does the ShotKam lens magnify the field of view?

Yes, the ShotKam has a magnification that is effectively a 4X zoom. It records at a fixed 18 degrees FOV (Field of View), which is what the human eye sees at.

Check out our Youtube video on what's behind this.

You can also zoom in VLC Media Player. Click here for instructions.


How does the camera adjust to varying target distances and light conditions?

The unique light-balancing technology will automatically adjust to varying light conditions, whether indoor or outdoor. The field-of-view is optimized for targets ranging from 5 to 100 yards and is equivalent to 18 degrees. The effective magnification is 4x and this is equivalent to how your eye perceives the target distance.


How does the Wi-Fi Work?

The ShotKam has its own built-in Wi-Fi network that enables you to connect directly to your smartphone/iPad/tablet. You do not need data, Bluetooth, or any other source of Wi-Fi - just the ShotKam. You will connect to the "ShotKam" Wi-Fi Network just like connecting to a Starbucks or home Wi-Fi network. 


What is the ShotKam App?

The "ShotKam" app is our mobile app used for customizing your settings and aligning your reticle. It is available for both Android or iOS on any smartphone, iPad, or Tablet that is from 2013 or newer.


How are the settings changed?

First, turn your ShotKam into Wi-Fi mode by holding down the control button for 3 - 7 seconds, then releasing.

Next, open the settings for your smartphone/iPad/tablet. Tap on Wi-Fi (Connections > Wi-Fi), then select the "ShotKam network, just as you would connect to an open Wi-Fi network at a coffee shop or friend's house.

It may say "Unsecured Network." This is normal and you are connected.

Now, exit your phone's settings and open the ShotKam app. You can now adjust the ShotKam settings, view videos, and align the reticle.


Can the pellets be seen?

Yes, the videos can be slowed down to see the pellets, but you will not be able to see it well against a tree background. This is not a big concern, however, as seeing the shot pattern is typically not very informative. We encourage our customers to study the 10 - 15 pictures (frames) right before the shot was taken. The ShotKam takes 100 frames per second (fps) and studying the 15 frames before the shot is where you will be able to see why you missed (or broke) it. Look for things like collapsing lead which indicates that your eyes "measured" the lead. Studying the hold-point, matching the speed of the bird, and studying the swing and break-point is where the ShotKam can help.

After the gun is discharged, there are 3 - 5 video frames of distortion (this is barrel distortion as the pellets travel through and exit the barrel) and then there are typically 3 - 5 video frames where the individual pellets in the shot string are visible. Visibility of the pellets depends on the distance and background conditions. The wad is clear for many frames. 


How do I watch the videos frame-by-frame?

Watching your videos frame-by-frame can be done on a computer or through our ShotKam app. For computers: Use the provided USB cable to connect your ShotKam to the computer and please watch our video tutorial here. For mobile devices: Download your video via Wi-Fi, then press the blue arrow on either side of the video to go frame-by-frame.


Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

VLC Media Player -

Please download version 2.2.8 here. The new version 3.0+ has an error and causes freeze frames.

Spacebar = Play/Pause
“E” key = Frame-by-Frame


QuickTime (Mac users)
Spacebar = Play/Pause
Right Arrow = Frame-by-Frame (forwards)

Left Arrow = Frame-by-Frame (backwards)


Windows Media Player (PC users)
Spacebar = Play/Pause
Ctrl + Spacebar = Frame-by-Frame (forwards)
Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar = Frame-by-Frame (backwards)


Can I watch the videos in QuickTime (Mac) or Windows Media Player (PC)?

Yes, the MP4 video format files will play in almost any media player and allow you to view your shots frame-by-frame.

NOTE: Windows “Movies & TV” app will not play the videos frame-by-frame, nor will the VLC Media Player app for smartphones/tablets.


How do I start a recording?

The ShotKam will begin recording a video once your shotgun action is closed (a solid green LED will come on). It will record 20 - 60 seconds of video depending on the target type, but only save the video (blue LED) if there is a recoil. If there is no recoil, then the ShotKam will dismiss the recording. The ShotKam will record true and report pairs in one longer video.


How do I know the shot was saved?

A blue LED will flash after the recoil. When the shotgun action is closed, the ShotKam LED will briefly turn yellow then go solid green. If you shoot within 20 seconds of closing the action (for clays), then the blue LED will flash for a few seconds, indicating the shot was saved. You do not need to wait for it to finish blinking in order to proceed.


How is a double-shot saved?

A true or report pair is saved as a single video. For Clay Targets, anytime two shots are fired within 7 seconds of each other, the ShotKam registers it as a pair. For Flying Birds: within 9 seconds. For Ground Game: within 10 seconds. Please see Target Settings section for more.


How can I capture more shots?

In order for a shot to be saved, it must be taken within 20 seconds of closing the action (30 seconds when hunting). Check that all of your settings are on “Normal” and that your ShotKam is wakening when the action is closed (LED will turn solid green). If you are getting less than 90% of your shots recorded, select “More Sensitive” in the Recoil Sensitivity settings options. This may cause false recordings, but you will capture more shots.


How can I prevent false recordings?

Select “Less Sensitive” in the Recoil Sensitivity settings options. Also, be aware of how hard the gun is closed. Close smoothly without a “slam.”


How can I waken the ShotKam more easily?

Select “Very Sensitive” in the Wake-up Sensitivity settings options. NOTE: If you are walking with the gun or riding in a cart, it may be continually woken-up, which will significantly reduce your battery life.


Can I record a test video at home?

Yes. Ensure the gun is empty. Change the settings using the ShotKam app to the following:

  1. Target Type = Clays

  2. Gun Type = Handgun Semi-Auto

  3. Recoil Sensitivity = Very Sensitive

Turn the ShotKam ON (standard shooting mode, one click of the power button). Gently tap the ShotKam to begin a recording; the LED will turn blue when recording and green when finished recording.


Target Setting Specifications:

The default setting for your ShotKam is "Clay Targets."  Other target types are available through the ShotKam app.



  • Sleep Mode: Initiates after 20 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery. Open and close the action or press the control button to waken the ShotKam.

  • "Normal" Recording Time: 2 seconds pre-shot, 1 second post-shot. Playback speed is 1/3 speed, therefore videos will be 9-15 seconds long.

 If two shots are taken within 7 seconds of each other (true & report pairs), then both shots will be saved as one longer video.



  • Sleep Mode: Initiates after 30 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery. Either close the shotgun action, press the control button, or bump the stock of the gun to waken the ShotKam (solid green LED).

  • "Normal" Recording Time: 3 seconds pre-shot, 3 seconds post-shot. Playback speed is ⅓ speed, therefore videos will be 18 - 30 seconds long.

If multiple shots are taken within 9 seconds of each other, then they will be saved as one longer video.



  • Sleep Mode: Initiates after 300 seconds (5 minutes) of inactivity to conserve battery. Either press the control button or bump the stock of the gun to waken the ShotKam.

  • "Normal" Recording Time: 6 seconds pre-shot, 20 seconds post-shot. Playback speed is ⅓ speed, therefore videos will be about one minute and 20 seconds long.

If multiple shots are taken within 10 seconds of each other, then they will be saved as one longer video. This is the maximum recording length of the ShotKam.



  • "Short" = 1/2 the "normal" recording time

  • "Normal" = See above

  • "Long" = 2x the "normal" recording time


How do I align the reticle?

A smartphone or tablet is necessary to align the reticle, as it is done through the ShotKam app. Follow our manual instructions or watch our step-by-step tutorial for details.


How do I change the reticle?

In the ShotKam app, tap the setting icon and select Reticle Style. You can choose from the following:

  • Crosshair Icon

  • Gun Icon

  • Orange Circle Icon

  • Orange Crosshair Icon

  • Red Dot Icon

  • ShotKam Icon

  • (Reticle OFF)


Do I need to re-align the reticle?

The ShotKam can be moved between different shotguns of the same type and gauge without having to re-align the reticle. If you use a mixture of types (semi-auto, pump) or gauges, then the reticle will need to be re-aligned for each shotgun.

For instance, if the ShotKam is placed 8 inches back from the muzzle of a 12 Ga break-action, then you can move it to any other 12 Ga break-action as long as you place it 8 inches from the muzzle of that gun as well. But, if you are going from a 12 Ga break-action to a 12 Ga semi-auto, then the reticle will need to be re-aligned.

What if I don’t see a reticle?

First check that the reticle setting has not been turned OFF, and that the ShotKam is not in Sleep Mode (slow flashing green LED).

The lack of a reticle could signal that the configuration file needs reinstalled. To reinstall, use the following steps:

  1. With the ShotKam connected to the USB port, go into the root directory (either Finder or File Explorer).

  2. Delete (drag into trash) the “shtkmcfg.ini” file.

  3. If a folder called “MISC” or a file called “shtkmcfg.tmp” appears, then also delete them (drag into trash).

  4. Disconnect the ShotKam from USB port.

  5. Turn the ShotKam OFF, then ON. The factory defaults have been reinstalled. The reticle will now appear.


Is the laser the same thing as the reticle (the red dot or crosshair in the videos)?

No, the laser and reticle are not related. The laser is simply a beam of light that comes out of the ShotKam so that you can practice your mount at home. You can initiate the laser by holding down the control button for about 20 seconds. It cannot be on while the ShotKam is turned on in Normal Shooting Mode or Wi-Fi Mode.

To practice your mount, turn ON the laser by holding the power button down for 15 + seconds. Next, point it into the corner of a room and try to mount the gun to your shoulder without moving the laser.

NOTE: The laser is typically 3-6 inches below the gun’s point of aim and cannot be adjusted.

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