Trade-in Program Australia

Step 1: Confirm you are eligible

All 1st and 2nd Generation ShotKams are eligible for our trade-in program. To determine your ShotKam model, please refer to this article: What ShotKam model do I have? 

If you are unsure of your ShotKam model, please email us at with a photo of the back of your ShotKam Camera with the rear screw-on cap removed. 


Step 2: Your trade-in value

By trading in your old unit, you would get our new 3rd Generation ShotKam for A$599 (compared to AUD $799) with free shipping to Australia. All taxes already included.

Step 3: Mailing in your old ShotKam 

To proceed with the trade-in, please email us for our Return & Repair Facility shipping address. You may print out and complete our Return Authorization Form.  Then, package the following at your convenience: 

  • Your 1st or 2nd Generation ShotKam: camera tube only (NO brackets, hard case, or accessories please) - a piece of bubble wrap/newspaper is enough padding.

  • Printed and completed Return Authorization Form inside the package. 

Ensure your name is on the outside of the package and we will contact you as soon as we process your unit for trade-in.  




  • Do you have other Return Center locations? No, we only have one Return Center, located in Florida, USA. We do not have any international centers, but gladly accept packages from most countries. 


  • Do I need proof of purchase to trade-in? No, you do not need proof of purchase to proceed with our trade-in program. We accept all older units back for upgrades.


  • How long does the trade-in process take? Once we've received your old unit and you've completed your trade-in purchase, we will fulfill your new 3rd Generation ShotKam order within 1 business day. 


  • I've changed my mind. Can I get my old unit back? No, all trade-in transactions are final. Once we've received your old unit and completed your upgrade, we cannot send your old unit back to you. 


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