Complete Manual

Complete Manual


The Complete User Manual for ShotKam

Click to download & print the Complete User Manual (PDF)


Control Button: Always start with the ShotKam OFF. Hold control button down:

    • 1 second = Normal Shooting Mode (Green LED)
    • 3 - 7 Seconds = Wi-Fi Mode (Yellow + Green LED)
    • Click once = Power ON/OFF
    • Click once = Waken from Sleep Mode (Flashing Green LED)


LED Lights:


Initial Warm-up
Fully Charged
+ Connected to Wi-Fi
Ready to shoot (NOTE: Flashing blue LED will come on after the recoil to indicate a shot was saved).


Sleep Mode
Saving Video
  + Memory Full
+ Initiating Wi-Fi Mode

If NO LED lights come on, then perform a hard reset using a paperclip to gently press the small reset hole at the back of the camera. Once complete, fully charge.



A. Lay gun on its side on a flat surface, with the barrel end hanging off the edge (a table or countertop is best). 

B. Remove the 12 Ga bracket that comes attached to your ShotKam using the provided Allen key. There is a spare Allen key in your spare parts bag if needed. 

C. With the USB connector port facing up and closest to the barrel, place brackets on the ShotKam, ensuring that the rubber ridge of the pad aligns with the grooves in the ShotKam.      

    • * Always mount the ShotKam 3 to 10 inches from the muzzle end of the barrel (NOT on barrel porting holes).  

      D. Using the Allen key, tighten the brackets around the barrel, alternating between screws to ensure correct and even placement, but not yet tightening completely. 

      E. Ensure that the camera is directly under the barrel and finish tightening the screws - DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.  



        The app is for Smartphones (Android or iPhone), iPads, or Tablets. The app does NOT work on a computer. 

        A. In the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android), search for “Shotkam” and download the free appDo not open the app yet. 



        • * The ShotKam is equipped with its own internal Wi-Fi. You do not need cellular data, a hotspot, bluetooth, or to be in range of another network/internet source.

        B. Start with your ShotKam OFF, then turn ON the Wi-Fi by pressing and holding the power button for 3+ seconds. Both orange LED lights should come on; wait about 10 seconds until 1 orange LED stops flashing. Once it stops, the other LED will turn green. You are now in Wi-Fi mode. The ShotKam itself has Wi-Fi, so you do not need any other Wi-Fi source. 

        C. Going back to your phone/iPad/tablet, ensure the Wi-Fi is turned ON and go to the device’s settings (Connections > Wi-Fi) and select “Wi-Fi.”

        D. A list of available networks will appear, select “SHOTKAM.”  If you do not see this network, then refresh your list and tap on “SHOTKAM” to connect. Once connected, you may see “Security Recommendation” or “Connected, No Internet.” These are normal messages and your ShotKam Wi-Fi is connected. The Wi-Fi is a direct connection.

        E. Once you are connected to this network, exit your device’s Wi-Fi screen by pressing its “Home” button; now open the ShotKam app.

        NOTE: If the app does not open, then check that your device is still connected to the ShotKam Wi-Fi network. If the app is still not opening, charge the ShotKam for 2 hours and try again.



        To adjust your shooting device (break-action, semi-auto, etc.) or target type (clay or hunting), press the gear icon.

          Once you have adjusted any settings, you must hit the “Back” or “Save” button in the top left corner. Next you will need to align the reticle; continue below.


          Ensure your gun is empty. The reticle is the red dot or crosshair seen in our videos. This is a patented reticle alignment system available only through ShotKam. 

          A. Place your gun on a table and point it at a stationary target about 10-30 yards away; align the bead of the gun to the center of the target. We provide an orange target sticker, but you can use any target (e.g. the corner of a roof, tree branch etc.). 

          B. Put your ShotKam into Wi-Fi mode by pressing and holding the power button for 3+ seconds. Both orange LED lights should come on; wait about 10 seconds until 1 orange LED stops flashing. Once it stops, the other LED should turn green. You are now in Wi-Fi mode.
          C. Go to your smartphone and connect to the “ShotKam” Wi-Fi network. 
          D. Open the ShotKam app. 
          E. You will now see the reticle in the center of your screen. If not, your ShotKam may have gone into sleep mode - simply press the power button once to waken it, or bump it. The reticle will now appear.
          F. To align the reticle, tap on the orange crosshair icon (bottom right). 
          G. Use the arrows to center the reticle on the target. You can hold or tap arrows; allow a few seconds for Wi-Fi delay. 
          H. Once the reticle is centered on the target, hit the orange back arrow or  “Save” button on the top left corner of your screen to save the reticle alignment settings.

          I. Exit the app, then turn off the ShotKam (one press of the power button, or two if it is in sleep mode).



          A. First, change the target type to “Flying Birds” or “Ground Game” using the ShotKam app.

          B. When standing with a loaded gun in the field, the ShotKam will need woken up before shooting. Waken the camera by bumping the fore-end or stock of the gun.  Do this when you see a bird approaching. If a shot is taken within 30 seconds of wakening the ShotKam, the video will be saved. If not, the camera will go back into sleep mode. Bumping the gun will restart the 30 second timer. We suggest you practice wakening your ShotKam a few times at home:

          A. With an unloaded gun, close the action and allow the camera to go into sleep mode (approximately 30 seconds).
          B. Imagine a bird flying in and bump the fore-end or stock of the gun to waken the ShotKam.

          NOTE: Once the gun has been bumped to waken the ShotKam (solid green LED), it will stay awake for 30 seconds. If a shot is taken within the 30 seconds, then it will be saved (blue LED). If not, the camera will go back into sleep mode to conserve battery power. Only the recoil will trigger the blue LED.



          The ShotKam has an internal battery which is rechargeable via the USB port. This battery cannot be accessed directly. The life-expectancy is 2 - 3 years and a battery replacement costs $40 USD + shipping.


          Battery life in normal shooting mode, from fully charged, is:
              Clay Shooting: 4 - 5 hours
              Hunting: 4 - 6 hours (produces longer videos)


          Battery life in Wi-Fi mode is typically 1 hour. The Wi-Fi mode is for adjusting the ShotKam's settings and for “in-the-field” shot-analysis of problematic targets.


          Normal charging is via USB port to computer. Our USB cable will convert to the correct voltage, so it can be plugged into any computer or wall adapter internationally.

          A. Remove the rear cap and ensure the ShotKam is OFF.

          B. Use the provided USB cable and place the smaller end into the port of the camera, ensuring the direction of the plug is matched to the direction of the camera port.

          C. Plug the USB port into your computer or the provided wall adapter (flashing red LED = charging). A car adapter with a USB port will also work.

          D. Allow for approximately 2 hours to fully charge. (Solid red LED = fully charged)

          NOTE: Charge within 24 hours of the shooting. The battery will NOT be harmed if left on the charger overnight. 

          E. Remove the USB cable and place the rear cap back. Ensure it is firmly in place, but not over-tightened. Remember, this rear cap with the clear membrane, when correctly in place, is what makes the ShotKam weatherproof as it protects the USB port.


          The ShotKam is made to operate in temperatures from 32°F-110°F (0°C-43°C).
          Extreme cold will shorten your battery life. If you plan to shoot in temperatures below 32°F, then you can extend the battery life by placing hand-warmers around the ShotKam.


          STEP 5 - MEMORY CARD

          We use Class 10, 64GB microSD cards. A 64GB card holds approximately 2,000 clay videos. 

          To delete videos:

          A. Highlight the shots that you would like to delete (or select the Folder)

          B. Press the Delete key on your keyboard

          c. Empty the Trash Bin on your computer while the ShotKam is still connected


          STEP 6 - READY TO SHOOT


          A. Turn ON the ShotKam with one click of the button (one green LED)
          B. Load the gun and close the action (LED will turn solid green = ready)
          C. Shoot within 20 seconds of closing the action (blue LED will come on after the recoil)
          D. Turn OFF at the end of the day

          NOTE: Do not shoot when in Wi-Fi mode - the ShotKam can only record at half the frame-rate when in this mode (50 frames per second instead of 100fps).