Best Gun Cam: ShotKam vs. Competitors


Though the world of shooting sports is rooted in tradition, there is one thing that has held true from centuries of participation: the sport is constantly evolving. Over the decades, technology has become an invaluable ally for both recreational enthusiasts and seasoned professionals. Among these technological advancements, gun barrel cameras have emerged as an essential tool for training, self-improvement, and capturing valuable memories in the field. With several different barrel cameras available on the market, it can be tough to decide which camera best suits your shooting needs. In this blog, we’ll delve into a detailed comparison of three leading gun barrel cameras: ShotKam, Shot Tracker by Take Aim Technologies, and Tactacam.  

ShotKam Overview:

Let’s get started with a comprehensive overview of the ShotKam. The ShotKam is a camera that clamps directly onto your gun and rests just below the barrel. There are two ShotKam models available for purchase: the Gen 3, offering Full HD video, and the newest Gen 4, providing 4K video resolution. Both are designed with sophisticated technology and features meant to enhance your training experience.

Each ShotKam is equipped with an internal accelerometer and gyroscope, essential components for its advanced functionality. The accelerometer detects forces acting on the gun barrel, including the closing of the action and the recoil, allowing the ShotKam to precisely track these movements. On the other hand, the gyroscope measures the pull of gravity, enabling the ShotKam to detect when your gun is in a shooting position. A relatable analogy is the function of the gyroscope in an iPhone, which activates the screen when the device transitions from resting on a surface to being lifted and pointed at your face. Similarly, the ShotKam's gyroscope senses the gun's orientation for accurate recording. This intelligent technology ensures that the ShotKam captures footage precisely when you are ready to shoot, so it operates entirely automatically. 

One of the most crucial patented features of the ShotKam is its adjustable video crosshair, or reticle. This is the "X" or red dot seen in the ShotKam videos, providing a visual point. With the free mobile app, you can precisely calibrate the reticle to the bead of your gun, a capability unique to the ShotKam. This ensures that when you replay your videos, you'll have an accurate representation of where your barrel was in relation to the target at all times. The ShotKam acts as your eyes on the barrel, allowing you to track your movements and detect any common issues with reading the target, eye dominance, gun fit, mounting, and more. Utilizing the ShotKam's built-in WiFi network and the user-friendly mobile app, you can receive instant video feedback at the range or in the field, without the need for additional cellular data or Bluetooth connections. 

Each ShotKam includes a custom carrying case and a 12 Gauge Mount, carefully engineered for effortless attachment and removal. The mount securely clamps onto your barrel without metal-to-metal contact, preserving the barrel's bluing and enduring any recoil. For those with different sized shotguns or rifles, ShotKam offers a variety of additional mounting options for purchase (Accessories Here). Plus, ShotKam is proudly made in the USA, maintaining top-notch quality standards. It is priced starting at $499 with free 2-day shipping. For international customers, we have dedicated international websites that include duties in the price. 

    Tech Specs: 

    • Weight: 6.5 ounces (with mount)
    • Material: Durable military-grade aluminum
    • Memory: Holds 3,000 videos
    • Battery Life: Up to 15 hours
    • Operating Temperatures: 14° to 104° F (-10° to 40° C).
    • Waterproof Rating: IPX6 (water and dust resistant) 
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    ShotTracker by Take Aim Technologies Overview

    The ShotTracker by Take Aim Technologies is another training tool available on the market, priced at $995. Similar to the ShotKam, the ShotTracker mounts directly onto your barrel and connects to a free app on your mobile device. Instead of automatic video recording, it provides spoken audio feedback. This technology tells you where your shot pattern went in relation to the target, but it's essential to note that this information doesn't explain the "why" or how to improve. 

    The ShotTracker's SmartShot® software calculates the interaction between your shot pattern and the clay's flight, offering graphical data such as flight path, range, and target speed. The Clay Tracker Pro App provides audio notifications on where your shot went and access to diagrams of your results. It also offers a panoramic image for wide-view of your shot and follow-through. However, this broad view can make it challenging to accurately perceive your target compared to the narrow focus your eyes provide. 

    Setting up the ShotTracker involves a detailed process, including inputting specific chokes, shot shell details, clay type, and impact settings. Boresighting is required to align it with your shotgun, which can be complex. While it provides sophisticated analytics, the ShotTracker relies primarily on audio feedback, lacking the emphasis on video replay. This emphasis on where you missed can lead to focusing on leads, contrary to coaching advice. A shooting coach would recommend focusing on matching the speed of the bird rather than measuring leads, which can vary due to countless factors. 

    The ShotKam, on the other hand, offers video feedback, allowing you to watch your moves and visualize matching the bird's speed. This helps in understanding your technique and improving your shooting skills. 

      Tech Specs:
      • Weight: 6.5 ounces
      • Material: Plastic
      • Memory: Holds 400 videos
      • Battery life: Up to 6 hours
      • Operating Temperature: Not listed on website 
      • Waterproof rating: Not listed on website 
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      Tactacam Overview


      TACTACAM 6.0 Action Camera, 4k 60 FPS, 8X Zoom, Waterproof, Integrated Image Stabilization, One Touch Operation (6.0)

      Looking at the most recent model, the Tactacam 6.0 is an affordable barrel camera designed for hunting and shooting, priced at $299. However, the company no longer sells gun cameras on their website; they sell motion-activated trail cameras (visit Unlike the ShotKam, which offers automatic recoil detection and recording, the Tactacam requires manual recording. You can start and stop recording either by pressing the buttons located on the camera or using an external remote control.

      One noticeable difference is that the Tactacam 6.0 does not have an adjustable reticle or video crosshair, which means you won't be able to precisely identify the position of your barrel in your footage. To save your videos, you'll need to buy an SD card because the memory is not built into the camera. Additionally, the Tactacam's housing and mounts are made mostly of plastic, which might not absorb recoil as effectively as the more robust materials used in cameras like the ShotKam. This could potentially impact durability and stability. Despite these differences, the Tactacam 6.0 is very straightforward to operate with its one-touch functions and vibration feedback. It is also waterproof and can be integrated with the Tactacam remote and smartphone app via WiFi. This makes it a suitable option for hunters seeking a basic action camera that delivers good video quality in an economic package. 

        Tech Specs:

        • Weight: 4 ounces 
        • Material: Plastic
        • Memory: Requires SD card (not included)
        • Battery Life: Up to 2.5 hours of continuous recording
        • Operating Temperature: -13 to 140 F (-25 to 60 C) 
        • Waterproof Rating: IP66
        • No longer sold on 


        In conclusion, the ShotKam emerges as the premier choice among gun barrel cameras for those engaged in shooting sports. Its advanced features, including automatic video recording and a patented reticle alignment system, provide feedback that enhances your training by showing you exactly how your barrel moves in relation to the target for where your barrel aligns with the target at every shot. This is critical to understanding and improving your scores and shooting technique. 

        While other cameras like the ShotTracker and Tactacam are great options, they lack the video replay and video crosshair alignment that explains the 'why' behind missed shots. ShotKam's robust design, ease of use, and intelligent technology make it the standout choice for any serious shooters looking to refine their skills with accuracy and reliability. 

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