Expert Tips from Champions: Choke Recommendations, Gun Patterns, and More


Sporting clays is a challenging and dynamic shooting sport that requires steady eye movement, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking. In this video, we have the opportunity to learn from two esteemed champions and coaches. Together, they discuss their approaches to different shots, their shooting techniques, and preferences in terms of chokes and gun patterns. Let's delve into the world of sporting clays and gain insights from these experts.

Approaching Springing Teals

The champions begin by discussing their strategies for shooting Springing Teals, a type of narrow quartering shot. Brad emphasizes the importance of a tight and jammed hold point, allowing the bird to pass before chasing it down from behind. He stresses the need for calm and relaxed movement, describing it as "relaxed but reactive, immediate and direct." On the other hand, David's approach is slightly different. Due to his higher eye position on the gun, he aims to stay up higher on the line and supplements physical movement with more eye work, allowing him to see through the gun better and shoot from a different position.

Chandelle Targets (Looping)

Next, the champions discuss shooting chandelle targets, which can be thrown on their sides in a looping trajectory. David simplifies his approach into three spots: when the bird is going up, crossing in the middle, and falling. He prefers to shoot either on the way up or down in a flat line. Brad, on the other hand, adjusts his move to match the line's transition, regardless of whether it's going up or down. Both approaches have their merits, and the key is to adapt to what the shot is presenting.

Chokes and Gun Patterns

When it comes to chokes, Brad and David share their preferences. Brad uses Rhino chokes with 25,000 constriction, providing a tight enough choke for confidence in all shots. David, on the other hand, uses fixed chokes with 28,000 constriction on each barrel to optimize gun balance and pointability. They emphasize the importance of a gun that shoots where they are looking and downplay the significance of percentages like 50/50 or 60/40, as Sporting Clays is a feel and vision-based game.


Learning from seasoned champions like Brad Kidd and David Radulovich provides invaluable insights into the art of sporting clays. Their unique approaches to different shots, chokes, and gun patterns showcase the diversity and skill required in this dynamic sport. Whether you are a novice or an experienced shooter, understanding these strategies can help you elevate your sporting clays game and approach each shot with greater confidence and precision. Remember, it's not just about the equipment; it's about mastering the fundamentals, honing your instincts, and staying attuned to the ever-changing challenges of sporting clays. So, next time you step onto the shooting range, apply these insights, and watch your performance soar. Happy shooting!

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