Unveiling the Secrets of Champion Shotgun Shooters (Professional Tips for Sporting Clays)


Today, we delve into the world of clay target shooting, comparing the techniques and approaches of Brad Kidd, a National Champion, and David Radulovich, a FITASC World Champion. Join us as we explore the nuances of their shooting styles, their stance, grip, and how they tackle different targets. Whether you're a beginner or Master Class shooter, this video offers tips for all skill levels.

Brad Kidd's Approach: Matching Speed and Soft Hands

At the shooting station, Brad introduces us to a close and slow pair of targets. His approach involves a keen focus on field and vision, where he aims to match the bird's speed with the lead for an extended period. This technique allows the bird to appear slower, resulting in a precise shot delivery. Brad emphasizes the importance of soft hands, putting the game's control into the hands, not the other way around.

David Radulovich's Technique: Leverage on Body Movement

In contrast, David Radulovich's approach is marked by minimal gun movement. For the first bird, he maintains a stable position, allowing the target to come to him. However, both champions employ similar methods for an incoming shot, where the bird's speed is harder to vary.

Understanding the Difference Between Standard and International Clay Targets

Moving on to the difference between standard and international clay targets, David sheds light on the specifications. The international target is slightly wider and thinner, allowing it to travel faster through the air. Though uncommon in the United States, these targets find their niche in Europe and international competitions.

The Significance of Weight Distribution and Stance

Both shooters emphasize the critical role of weight distribution and stance in maintaining balance and rotational control. To achieve a stable platform for shooting, it's essential to evenly distribute weight between both feet and avoid leaning too far forward or backward.

Perfecting the Gun Mount and Grip

The proper gun mount is crucial for consistent shooting. Brad demonstrates how to achieve a natural gun-to-shoulder position at a 45° angle, ensuring a smooth alignment with the target. David emphasizes having the hand positioned under the gun to support its weight and minimize unnecessary movements.

Mastering the Art of Target Engagement

Brad's game revolves around feel and vision, where he relies on an instinct-based approach rather than a lead-based one. He tracks the bird, matches its speed, and delivers the shot once it feels slow. On the other hand, David emphasizes using body movement, not hands, to follow the target, enhancing control and precision.


Observing Brad Kidd and David Radulovich in action is an eye-opening experience into the world of shotgun shooting. Their divergent techniques highlight the nuances of the sport while showcasing the common threads that unite champions. From matching speed with lead to maintaining a stable stance, these masters offer valuable insights for shooters of all levels.

Next time you step onto the shooting range, remember the wisdom shared by these champions, and you might just find yourself improving your skills and hitting more targets with ease. So, keep your eyes on the bird, maintain soft hands, and let your body do the work – you'll be on your way to becoming a better shooter in no time!

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