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Welcome to this week's episode of "Shooting Tips from the Pros," where we dive into the world of Trap Shooting with none other than Kayle Browning – a renowned pro in the field. From Olympic achievements to winning world cup medals, Kayle is here to share her expertise and answer some of your burning questions. In this blog, we'll explore the different Trap Shooting disciplines, eye dominance techniques, mental rehearsal strategies, and how to practice effectively at home.

Trap Shooting Disciplines: American vs. International

Trap shooting encompasses various disciplines, including American Trap and International Trap (also known as Bunker Trap). American Trap involves a single machine that throws targets consistently at the same height and speed. On the other hand, International Trap presents a more challenging setup with 15 machines placed in an underground bunker, releasing targets at varying heights and angles, reaching speeds of up to 68 miles per hour. The targets are set to a specific distance rather than a fixed speed, making it more unpredictable.

Eye Dominance and Target Acquisition

Understanding eye dominance is crucial for accurate target acquisition. Kayle demonstrates her visual setup, which involves the red dot in her ShotKam video representing her aiming point, then creating a "window" for her eyes to catch the target, allowing her to track it effectively. The critical moment for target focus occurs slightly above her gun barrel, where she transitions from her hold point to a clear target focus before taking the shot.

The Mental Rehearsal Before Shooting

Kayle emphasizes the importance of mental rehearsal before a shooting event. Her pre-shot routine involves focusing on her mechanics, regulating her breathing, and visualizing the familiar techniques she has honed through training. This mental preparation helps to alleviate fear-based thoughts and instills confidence, breaking each target one at a time.

Choosing Chokes: Fixed vs. Interchangeable

Chokes are essential in shotgun shooting as they influence the pattern of the pellets. Kayle uses interchangeable chokes in competitive settings, allowing her to tailor her setup for different shots. For hunting or sporting clays, she prefers fixed chokes for their lightweight and ease of maneuverability.

Overcoming Gun Canting

Gun canting, where the gun tilts during the mount, can negatively impact shooting accuracy. It can be caused by poor gun fit or improper mechanics. Kayle suggests diagnosing the issue by analyzing your gun mount in a mirror and practicing eye drills to enhance eye movement coordination. Video analysis using tools like the ShotKam can also help identify areas for improvement.

Home Practice Tips

For shooters who don't have access to a trap machine, Kayle offers home practice drills. Practicing gun mounts in front of a mirror, performing eye drills, and engaging in video analysis are effective ways to sharpen your skills away from the range. Utilizing ShotKam videos can provide invaluable insights into your shooting mechanics.


Learning from the best is invaluable in any sport, and trap shooting is no exception. Olympic trap shooter Kayle Browning's expertise and advice can significantly improve your shooting performance. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting, incorporating these tips into your practice routine will enhance your skills and boost your confidence on the range. So get out there, keep learning, and embrace the joy of trap shooting!

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