Two-Year Full Coverage:

If any technical issue arises within two years of purchase, please ship your order to our location for repair or replacement. Follow the return instructions below:

  1. Locate your Order Number on the confirmation email.
  2. Package the ShotKam, along with a copy of the original confirmation email.
  3. Write the order number on the outside of the box and mail it to our shipping...
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The Mental Game of Shooting
Clay shooting, at a high level, is a game of prepositioning, moving your gun to some distance in front of the clay, and pulling the trigger at the right time and point in space. It might be intimidating to think...
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Introduction to Clay Shooting
In sporting clay shooting, the mental game manifests itself in trust, patience, confidence, emotional control, focus, and consistency. Sure, it does also have to do with a 12 Gauge Shotgun and a clay target too. You might be starting off...
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