Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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The ShotKam mobile app is not opening on my phone/iPad/Tablet, what do I do?

Download the latest ShotKam app (Version 4.1) from the App Store, then the app will open correctly once connected to the ShotKam's Wi-Fi. The new app version was released in March 2020 and resolves connectivity issues.


Which phones and computers will work with ShotKam?

The following computers are compatible with the ShotKam Camera:
  • Windows PC: Windows 8 or later. Windows 7 are not compatible.
  • Apple: All computers from 2014 or later.
  • Google: Chromebooks
The following phones are compatible with the ShotKam mobile app: 
  • Android: All devices with Android 9 or later. Android 8 or older are not compatible.
  • Apple: iPhone 6 or later, and all iPads from 2015 or later.
  • Google: Pixel 4 or later.


Is it normal to see blurry frames (video distortion) after the recoil?

Yes, it is normal to have 3 - 5 frames of distortion after recoil. Once the gun is shot, then 2 - 3 of the initial frames are taken as the pellets are traveling through the barrel, then the ShotKam is engineered to absorb the recoil (the entire circuit board moves) for a fraction of a second. The force of the recoil is approximately 1,000 Gs, so resonant frequencies (vibrations) take a couple picture frames to be absorbed by the electronics. The ShotKam takes 100 pictures every second, so the distortion is a few milliseconds, then you will notice the clear photo again. Some guns do have more gun debris than others, but typically changing cartridges does not make a noticeable difference.


How can I see the pellets?

If you shoot against a blue sky (contrasting background to the black pellets), then you can see the pellets and wad for about 3-4 frames. This is more of a "fun" factor rather than a helpful factor. Once the pellets go out about 10 yards, then they are too small to be seen on video. The size of the pellet is smaller than a pixel at that point. With this said, we emphasize to always study your ShotKam videos before the shot is taken. We have recently created an 8-minute YouTube video on how to study/learn from ShotKam videos if that would be of interest. We go through about 8-10 other tips on what to look for in your videos: How to Improve Your Shooting 


What is the normal battery life?

Clay Shooting = 5-6 Hours
Hunting = 4-5 Hours (Approximately 75 videos)
Constant Wi-Fi Mode = 1 Hour

Operating Temperatures: Use the ShotKam Camera where the ambient temperature is between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F). Using your ShotKam in very cold conditions outside of its operating range might temporarily shorten battery life and could cause the device to turn off. Battery life will return to normal when you bring the device back to higher ambient temperatures. Using a ShotKam Camera in very hot conditions can permanently shorten battery life. We use the same type of lithium-ion battery as in Apple mobile devices.

Store the camera where the temperature is between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F). Please don’t leave the device in your car because temperatures in parked cars can exceed this range. The battery will need replaced every 2-4 years depending on use. You can do an at-home battery test by following the steps on this Troubleshooting page here.


VLC is freezing on my computer, what should I do?

For Windows PC: We have found a new alternative to VLC Media Player called "Potplayer." It is a completely free media player that allows frame-by-frame viewing by pressing “F” (next frame) and “D” (previous frame). Please follow the steps below to install this video player onto your Windows computer:

1. Install Potplayer from the following link:
2. In the middle of the screen there are two options to click, choose the 64-bit download. It will now begin downloading in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
3. Once completed, click the download. You will be asked if English is your language, click Continue.
4. Follow the prompts: Accept, Continue, and Next. There may be a few loading bars that quickly go away. Once you get to the page with a yellow sidebar which reads "Complete Install Potplayer," it will prompt you to hit "Close."
5. The installer will load for about 1 minute. Once completed, it will ask you to accept the terms and continue through some more prompts. The final page will ask you to click "Install."
6. Potplayer will then automatically open on your desktop for you to use. Save it to your Taskbar (icons at the bottom of your computer screen) by right clicking on the Potplayer icon and selecting "Pin to Taskbar."

How to play your ShotKam videos with Potplayer:
1. Plug ShotKam into your computer.
2. Open Potplayer. If you cannot find it, type "Potplayer" into the search bar on the bottom left hand corner of your screen (Windows icon).
3. Once Potplayer is open, clicked on the three dashed horizontal lines on the bottom right corner of the window.
4. The window should then extend to the right where you can now see two tabs.
5. Open the tab called "This PC." Next, click on SHOTKAM, and then the ShotKam folder.
6. Click on a dated folder, then hit Ctrl + A on your computer. This will highlight all of your videos. Click Open.
7. Use the "F" key (next frame), "D" key (backwards a frame), and the spacebar to pause/play your videos. If any of the previous 7 steps are confusing, then simply locate your videos within File Explorer (yellow folder), then right click on your mouse and choose "Open with: Potplayer." Your videos will now begin playing.


For Apple Computers: We have found a new alternative to VLC Media Player called "Elmedia Player." It is a completely free media player that allows frame-by-frame viewing by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Please follow the steps below to install this video player onto your Mac computer:

1. Go to Elmedia Player's website here:
2. Select "Download" (blue button)
3. At the top right corner of your browser window, click on the grey down arrow to see your recent downloads.
4. Double click on "elmediaplayer.dmg"
5. Drag the Elmedia icon (triangles) over to the Applications Folder. This is to permanently save the video player to your Mac computer.
6. Your Applications will automatically open, then double click the new Elmedia Player icon.
7. Find the Elmedia Player icon (two triangles) in the Doc of your computer (bottom of your computer screen), then hold down the Control key and click the icon. Next, select Options > Keep in Dock

To play your videos with Elmedia:
1. Click on "File" in the top left (next to the Apple icon and Elmedia Player text)
2. Click "Open" > Select ShotKam in the left column > SHOTKAM > Dated folders > Select your videos
3. Now click "Open"
4. Once videos are playing, use the spacebar on your keyboard to pause/play. Use the arrows on your keyboard to go frame-by-frame forwards and backwards.


Do you offer trade-in discounts for previous models?

Yes, if you have a 1st or 2nd Generation ShotKam, then we have special trade-in discounts available. Please email us to find out more information at


Can I live stream video?

Yes, the ShotKam app can live stream video, but we recommend allowing the camera time to finish saving your shot before watching it in the app (blue LED at the back of the camera will stop flashing). The ShotKam is designed to slow video down into 1/3 speed and that step is critical in order to accurately see and understand what is happening during your shot. If you watch the video live, then it will be too fast to see what happened. Instead, allow the video to finish saving in 1/3 speed, then download it and watch it frame-by-frame within the app. If you're working on a problematic station, then I would recommend staying connected to the app and downloading the videos after each shot.

Please note that the battery will only last 1 hour if it is constantly in Wi-Fi Mode. If you have the camera in “Normal Shooting Mode” which is only 1 LED at the back, then the camera will last 5-6 hours. We typically shoot in Normal Shooting Mode, then turn it off and into Wi-Fi Mode when needed to download shots.


Do I align the reticle to my POA or POI?

Your ShotKam should be aligned to your Point-of-Aim, not the Point-of-Impact.

The reticle will always represent the bead of your gun in your ShotKam videos. The POA is the point-of-aim (where the bead of the gun is). The POI is the point-of-impact which is where the center of your pattern is at a certain distance. We recommend that the ShotKam's reticle be aligned to the Point-of-Aim, not the Point-of-Impact.

The top instructors who shoot with ShotKam (ex: Harlan Campbell, George Digweed, etc) all setup the ShotKam reticle to be at the POA. The reason being is that they want to “train their subconscious brain on where to put the muzzle”. If the reticle represents the POI, then you’re not imprinting the correct “sight-picture” into your brain as you watch the videos. The more you can imprint the correct sight-picture into your brain, the faster your brain will recognize it and pull the trigger. For example: Most trap guns shoot high because it is a rising clay, so your videos should show that your barrel is just under the clay (like you see it).


How can I stop long video recordings?

If multiple shots are all saved on the same video, then the camera is registering the action closing as a recoil. Either close the shotgun action a little more gently, or change the Recoil Sensitivity to "Less Sensitive" within the ShotKam mobile app.