How to Get Started With Your ShotKam

In this video, you will learn about the parts of the ShotKam, how to mount it correctly, how to change your settings, and how the ShotKam records.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I ensure that the ShotKam is mounted onto my barrel correctly? You can ensure that the ShotKam is mounted correctly by checking for two things. First, check that the ridges on the bracket pad fit into the grooves in the ShotKam (for a visual, please skip to minute 1:10 of the video above). Secondly, the USB port should be closest to your barrel. This simply means that the USB port (next to the control button on the ShotKam) should be directly underneath your barrel. 

2) How often should I take my ShotKam off my barrel? The brackets of the ShotKam have rubber pads on the inside to prevent any barrel damage, but we do suggest taking the camera off regularly for cleaning. A quick wipe with a soft cloth will ensure that no moisture gets trapped in between the ShotKam and your barrel.

3) Does my reticle need to be re-aligned every time I re-mount the ShotKam? If you are using your ShotKam on the same type of shotgun and mounting your ShotKam the same distance back from the muzzle, then you will not need to re-align your reticle. If you use a mixture of types (semi-auto, pump), then the reticle will need to be realigned for each shotgun (and the "gun type" setting will have to be changed accordingly in the ShotKam app). So for instance, if the ShotKam is placed 8 inches back (from the muzzle) on the barrel of a 12 Ga break-action, then you can move it to any other 12 Ga break-action, just place it 8 inches from the muzzle end of that gun as well.

4) What is the difference between "Normal Shooting Mode" and "WiFi Mode"? Which should I use? This is a great question. "Normal Shooting Mode" is what you will use while you are recording videos during your round. One quick click (then let go) of the control button will put your ShotKam into "Normal Shooting Mode". You can confirm by checking the LED lights - you should only see one green LED. In "Normal Shooting Mode", your ShotKam will typically go into "Sleep Mode" after 20 seconds to conserve battery. You will see one slow blinking green LED light when the ShotKam is in Sleep Mode. You can close your action or bump your stock to waken the ShotKam, and the green LED light will go from blinking to solid when it is awakened.

"WiFi Mode" will only be used when you are aligning your reticle, changing your settings, or watching your videos on your mobile device (smart phone or tablet). To put the ShotKam into "WiFi Mode", hold the control button down for 3-5 seconds, then let go. You should see one yellow LED light, and one green LED light as well. You are now able to connect to your mobile device.

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