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Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Angello
Great Tool for all levels of shooters

This is by far the best learning and teaching tool on the market. It enables you to see what you are doing vs what you thought you were doing. For new shooters, nothing will get them up to speed as fast as using a ShotKam. For seasoned and master level shooters you see the subtle differences between a broken clay and a miss. Set up ,move, gun speed, line and lead are all critical. Seeing the difference is better than any perception that you may have. It is a great tool for self study and a better tool for instruction. Each new version has been better than the prior version.

Joel Douglas
Confident in the product quality and support

I don't personally shoot, but I did some video work for ShotKam and can vouch for their character. I filmed their machine shop in Stuart, Florida, and it was impressive. The facility is much bigger than I expected and very clean compared to other machine shops I've been in. There are about 20 employees working on building and assembling the products, and each one seemed competent and professional. I think customers should feel confident in the product quality and support behind ShotKam.

Ruben Valdes
An indispensable teaching tool

I use a ShotKam for my high school students who have difficulty hitting birds. I can tell a kid where his muzzle is until I'm blue in the face, but the ShotKam shows him in a format he understands - video. I've been able to get students to shoot more consistently with it. It an indispensable teaching tool.

Such a nice product

We had tried the ShotKam Gen 4 at the range and it is great help. It is such a nice product. I only have 1 regret...I should have bought it long time ago!


The gen4 is an exceptional training camera for shooting enthusiasts. It easily attaches to the barrel giving feedback with clear footage that shows exactly where you aimed, allowing you to improve your accuracy. Whether you're into sporting clays, skeet, trap, or hunting, the ShotKam is a valuable tool.