Easily Attach to Barrel

Records in 4K Video

Records Every Station

What is ShotKam?

ShotKam is the world's most powerful training camera. This camera records video and attaches onto your barrel. It shows where you aimed with clarity to see pellets.

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Tech Specs

  • ShotKam Gen 4 with 12 Gauge Mount
Which ShotKam is best for you?

4K Video

Ultra HD x 120fps

All-Day Battery

15 Hours

Adjustable Zoom

2x to 8x
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Faster WiFi

6 Mbps

USB-C Port

Rapid Data Transfer

Sub-Freezing Temperature Range

14° F to 104° F

Instant Feedback

With built-in WiFi, you can instantly download videos to your device. Review your shots no matter where you are. No data or Hotspot needed; the ShotKam has everything you need.


Such a nice product

We had tried the ShotKam Gen 4 at the range and it is great help. It is such a nice product. I only have 1 regret...I should have bought it long time ago!

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BL on 8 June 2024

Just awesome

I'm really pleased at how simple it is to Calibrate and use. The footage is super clear and the frame by frame shots using VLC leave no doubt where you've gone wrong. Get one you won't regret it. Thanks Shotkam great product.

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DB on 20 May 2024

Super helpful

Super helpful in revealing what goes wrong with your move. You can see when you are-not connected to the target, checking the gap, riding the target. Slowing down frame by frame illustrates when the subconscious takes the shot as opposed to conscious interference. Customer service and support are beyond reproach.

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Robert Wimpenny on 11 May 2024

An indispensable teaching tool

I use a ShotKam for my high school students who have difficulty hitting birds. I can tell a kid where his muzzle is until I'm blue in the face, but the ShotKam shows him in a format he understands - video. I've been able to get students to shoot more consistently with it. It an indispensable teaching tool.

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Ruben Valdes on 12 June 2024

Additional Accessories

12 Gauge Quick-Release Mount is included with each ShotKam.

Chart for rifles >

20 Gauge Quick-Release Mount
28 Gauge Mount
.410 Mount
Side-by-Side 12 Gauge Mount
Side-by-Side 20 Gauge Mount
Rail Mount
Moderator Mount
Compound Bow Mount
ShotKam Grey Embroidered Hat