Back Caps (2 Pack)

Back Caps (2 Pack)
Back Caps (2 Pack)

Back Caps (2 Pack)

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Replacement Back Caps: Twists onto the back of the camera to protect the USB port from water damage.

Price includes 2 metal back caps, 2 plastic inserts, and free shipping to Australia.


How fast is shipping to Australia?

Your order includes free FedEx shipping with delivery in 5-7 business days. All duties and taxes are already included, so there will be no additional charges. Exact delivery dates and faster shipping options are available at Checkout. Have questions or delivery requests? Email us at

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Can you ship to New Zealand?

Yes, we can ship to New Zealand from this website. All NZ import taxes are already included in the ShotKam Camera price, then shipping is calculated at Checkout. You can complete payment in New Zealand Dollars (NZ$) at Checkout.

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